Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I want to eat canyon Mommy, please!

DS's age is unbelievable ... everyday he is learning something new. He just amazes me. He already can name correctly every planet in the Solar system, correctly recognizes his uppercase letters 100% accuracy, he is starting to learn his lower case letters and just recently read his first word. (Okay, okay, it was sight recognition only but it still amazes me ... he stated each letter first H-O-M-E and then said "HOME"). The word is in the last page of one of his favorite books. :)

**and yes, I know this is a bit of a brag but just can't help myself, I could also include that DD rolled over for the first time yesterday at 2 months, 3 1/2 weeks old but I will leave that for another post, LOL!!!**

Okay, back on topic ... But then there are plenty of moments that remind me of just how little & young he really is, like yesterday. It was unbelievably hot here but on Monday's I still need my coffee despite the weather. So after getting my coffee I decided to stay in the air conditioned car and drive down Laguna Canyon and give him a narrated tour of our surroundings and make a quick stop at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center to see the elephant seals. As I am drinking my warm coffee in my cool car I tell him we are driving down Laguna Canyon Road. I say, "look to your right there are hills (he looks), look to your left there are hills (he looks) and we are driving in the middle, that is called a canyon.". I see his little mind working and he looks at me in the rear view mirror and says, "I want to eat it Mommy. (& then he continues since there is a long pause by me as I wonder what in the heck he is talking about) I want to eat Canyon Mommy, please.".

After about 2 minutes of trying desperately to relate to toddler talk it comes to me (I think). He must be thinking CANDY not CANYON. So I ask, "Do you mean you want to eat candy?". I continue, "Mommy said canyon not candy. You don't eat canyon.". I think I lost him at that point since he remained silent and my narrated tour down Laguna Canyon Road was useless until our stop at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center where he enjoyed visiting the rescued elephant seals.

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