Tuesday, May 27, 2008


DD is no longer a newborn (snif snif). She had her 3rd month birthday last week and is now considered just a baby. I love watching her change daily - she can now roll tummy to back, grasp objects, smile, laugh, and coo.

Best of all - a wonderful relationship is unfolding before my eyes as DD and DS have really noticed each other more lately. She lights up and stares at him when he is in the room and DS has become extremely gentle and nurturing towards her. DS will ask where she is if he does not see her immediately upon entering a room, "where baby sister Mommy?". Once he has located her he goes back to his business (which is usually a truck, car, bulldozer, etc.). I love it - already keeping a protective eye on his little sister!

Now that she is out of the newborn phase, does this mean my babymoon is now over?! Oh, I am still nursing, thank goodness. Speaking of nursing ... my recent bra shopping excursion was quite the event. The bra fitting started before feeding time and actually trying on the bras ended after feeding time ... and just about a cup size smaller. LOL! WOW, how much is this girl eating is all I could say?! I think the salesgirl was more embarrassed then I was. If you agreed with my review on Hanky Panky panties, you will definitely agree that Chantelle makes the best bras ever and worth every penny (& this is coming from a former Wacoal fan!). When the salesgirl at Nordstrom gave me my total I drowned out DH's voice in my head ("you spent how much on bras, are you crazy?) with Stacy and Clinton's voice instead, "a good bra makes all the difference.". That would be the Stacy and Clinton from TLC's What not to Wear. Wouldn't you just love to have those two go through your closet and then hand over a MasterCard for a new wardrobe ...

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