Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy to be round!

We are currently renting after recently selling our townhome. There are many things I would change about the home we are currently living in but since we are not the home owners we have no option (or reason) to make those changes.

We did, however, get a new kitchen table that fits the space in this home much better (not necessarily the style of the home but at least the space). I have always been a big fan of round tables and I am thrilled with our new one for it's shape and style. In fact I often seek out restraurants that I know have round tables for large parties but not because of King Arthur's legend that there is no priviledged position at the table but because it is easier to see and socialize with everyone at the table rather then only the person to your left or right (& I know we have all been stuck at one time or another next to that one person that you really have nothing to say to ... or is it the person that you always have something to say to but were hoping to chat with someone you ususally don't get to see?! Well, a round table solves either!). Cheers!

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