Sunday, July 20, 2008

Red tag alert.

So, am I the only one that gets excited when I see the little red clearence tags at Target? I often walk the back aisles just to browse the "red tag" sales. I usually am so excited to find a great red tag item that I miss that the sale price of $4.29 is only marked down from the original $4.99. Yes, they have me fooled with the bright glossy teeny tiny red tags! And please don't remind me that I really don't need another package of colorful paper napkins or pink stationary. A girl can never have enough of either of those in my book ... and they were on clearance you know!

So you can imagine my complete euphoria when I discovered a teeny tiny glossy red tag affixed to the corner of the beautiful Britax Marathon's ever-so-popular-Brooke-pattern at my local Target. But after recruiting a salesgirl to help me desperately locate one we discovered that not only did my Target not have one in stock but no Target in the western United States had one. So, alas, I drove home and ordered my Britax Marathon in the ever-so-popular and adorable Brooke pattern on-line for a premium price (because, as I told DH, this pattern isn't available just any where you know & Britax are the safest).

2 lessons learned:

#1. Yes, those glossy red tags are a marketing gimmick to get you to spend more! :)

#2. I want only the best (& cutest) for my DD! :)

**lowers head and walks away in shame**

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