Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hair Do's

I am sitting on the floor wrapping a gift. DS comes over with a comb and starts combing my hair while telling me he is going to "fick my hair". It took me a few seconds to understand exactly what he wanted to do and then it hit me, he wants to "fix" my hair, something he hears me say often to him. I correct him and say, "fix not fick.". He responds, "No Mommy, I said (takes his fingers and draws imaginary letters in the air while saying) A - O - P (then takes his finger and draws a line as if he is underlining what he just wrote and says) "fick". Okay, so I guess he is not the best speller but he certainly has down a pretty good imitation of his Mommy from the "ficking" of the hair all the way to correcting the pronunciation of a word while also spelling it out. :-)

1 comment:

RK said...

I am just relieved it was fick. With his penchant for misspelling this could have been distastrous!