Thursday, February 26, 2009

Simply Romantic

My DH is not the type of guy to send me flowers for no reason or "just because". Don't get me wrong, he almost always gives me beautiful flowers on the important days like Valentine's Day, Birthday, Anniversary, Mother's Day ... and even some of the less traditional flower giving holidays like Easter and Thanksgiving. But he has never ever sent me flowers or brought home flowers for no reason.

But what he does bring me is special, thoughtful gifts throughout the year. Like this past Sunday when he came home from the store with a HUGE smile and said immediately, "I got something for you" as he was bubbling over with excitement ... and guess what it was: a pair of my very own garden/work gloves from Home Depot. I know, I know, you must be thinking "how un-romantic" but the way he smiles with pure excitement you can just see his thoughtfulness shining through that makes them the very best gift of all and not the gloves themselves (although, I am pretty excited to have nice new dark chocolate brown suede garden/work gloves of my very own, LOL!).

I love you Dear Husband!


Christina said...

Ha...ha!!! Sounds like my dh, too! You better get to gardening ;)

RK said...

Only the best for my darling wife (and they were on sale!)

KGplus3 said...

Ahhhh, so sweet! You're right- it doesn't have to be flowers to be romantic.

Anonymous said...

That is really sweet and Thoughtful and the sale part... spoken like a true Conservative Hubby! Love it.. and the pic too!