Friday, March 20, 2009

March Mumbles

What is better then receiving beautiful flowers from your DH? I know - flowers he hand picked and cut from the garden he personally maintains. Thank you Dear Husband, I Love You too!

DS has been into drawing "monsters" lately. They are not the gory scarey monsters but the silly funny ones. His drawings are getting more and more creative. I especially liked this one with the constrasting colors of polka dots around his eyes and his wild green hair! Do we have a little artist on our hands? LOL!

We purchased new paints today. We really didn't need new paints, really. We already own tempura paints, watercolor paints and fingerpaints but we had yet to own a set of Dab paints. But it was only 9:30am and I could tell in DS's whiney 3 year old voice it was going to be one of those kind of days so I thought something new and exciting just might help me get through it (at least to nap time that is). (lol) So while we were at the Craft store today picking up modeling glue (DS and DH are currently building a model Caddilac Escalade that looks just like his motorized version) we picked up a six pack of Crafty Dab shimmer paints. When we got home I gave him several choices of what we could paint together. He chose a sign for Daddy and on it he said to write, "We (heart) you Daddy". He sure can be sweet when he wants to, huh?! :-) It is proudly hanging on our front door anxiously awaiting for Daddy's return from work today. And yes, the Dab bottles of paint kept his interest all the way up until nap time ... awwww!!!



Lora said...

I can't believe he can draw that well!!! Must get his artsy side form you ;)

RK said...

I was a little concerned when I drove up and saw the sign. I figured I had missed a holiday, and was hstily thinking up excuses as a walked in!

KGplus3 said...

Wow- what a great drawing! I can't wait til the SEVEN of us can do crafts together. :-0 (That's crazy when you think about it. hee hee)