Wednesday, March 04, 2009

(Ph)at Conversations

(Sitting on the couch watching t.v. after a shared slice of cheesecake)

DH: "I think it is so rude when guys actually diet and work out more often then normal while their wives are pregnant." (I quickly translate in my mind to hear: I don't want to do anything about this extra weight I am carrying when you are growing larger each day and at tremendous speed.)

Me (again, no mention of "us" or who this conversation may be referring to): "I actually think it is incredibly sweet when the husband gains sympathy weight.". (Giving not only him an out but making myself feel better about not doing this growing thing alone.).

DH: (smiles) "I must be the sweetest guy you know.".

Me: (nothing but a bigger smile).

Can you tell this house has been filled with pints of ice cream, home made brownies, pizzas and too much mexican food?! ;-)

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KGplus3 said...

LOL That just cracked me up! He's too funny.