Tuesday, March 17, 2009


A great friend's recent engagement and her gorgeous ring (big congrats again to S & S!!!) reminded me of my DS's comment at Sea World a couple weeks ago. As we were listening to the penguin care taker talk about their habits DS turned to me and said, "Mommy, that man is wearing a ring.". My reply, "a-huh.". (also thinking to myself that he is obviously not interested in the penguins eating habits even though I had been trying hard to concentrate on what the man was saying just in case DS started quizing me afterwards). DS continues, "but his ring doesn't have any rocks." pauses and then continues, "It is like Daddy's ring.". Yes, DS, your first realization that "rocks" are typically seen on the woman's ring and very rarely does a man get to have the pleasure of wearing these shining stunning rocks! How did we get so lucky!? A ring just doesn't seem the same without some shining beautiful "rock" upon it. :-)

Happy St. Patrick's Day lads!!!

DS before school this morning (he had fun pinching Daddy for not wearing green today):

And of course, couldn't leave out the little missy pie:


RK said...

Here is the quote:

You are not wearing green Daddy...I have to pinch you, but not too hard, OK?

Christina said...

Super cute! Most kids don't think of diamonds when you say 'rocks'. He is well trained!

Lora said...

Love the little thoughts from young minds! So observant!

Gosh, your kids are cute!!!!

KGplus3 said...

LOVE the St Patty's outfits!! Mine didn't even have any & they're part Irish! lol