Saturday, June 02, 2007

Do you remember your Mother's advice?

With my new found interest in photography comes my new found interest in "photo contests". You might be wondering where I hear about these contests? 99% of the time from YOU and I really appreciate it. I not only am flatered that you think my photography is worthy of these contests but that you also think my son is as adorable as I do!

I typically do not like the "popularity" photo contests where voting decides the winner, especially when you have to "rank" the photo. But occasionally one comes along that I can't resist. This one is one of them! My sweet dear friend KC told me about this one. It is sponsored by our local paper, The Orange County Register, and the winner receives 4 tickets to Legoland in San Diego, CA. Since I often hear how much my DS looks like my DH I decided to enter them in the Father Son Look-alike Contest in honor of Father's Day.

Now apparently, not everyone remembers the advice their Mother was sure to give them when they were a teenager ... the one that goes like this, "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all!" How do I know not everyone knows this? Well, it has been brought to my attention from several people that after they vote for my DS and DH someone goes in soon after and gives them a 1 to lower their score (because, really, who gives 1's?! I can understand a low score, but a 1, come on, you are just trying to be mean). Shame on them. They ruin the fun for all of us. Isn't this just for fun? I had a blast looking through the pics and picking out my favorites. If you have the time, browse the entries, many of them look like they could be brothers!

By the way, if you do think my sweet DS and wonderful DH deserve a 10 please vote here and if you don't think so, please remember your Mom's advice, "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all!"

Did I also mention that you can vote as often as you like until June 5th?! *wink wink*

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