Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lions, panthers and gorillas, oh my!

Yesterday was our first family excursion to a theme park. We took DS to The Wild Animal Park in Escondido, CA.

The Wild Animal Park (WAP)
is 2,100 acres of land where you can view animals in surroundings most similar to their natural home-land and habitat. You can get up closely, see them freely with out cages and feed them. There are many exhibits. A few are: The Heart of Africa, Lion Camp, and Hidden Jungle.

Helpful Hints: wear comfortable shoes, wear sunscreen, dress for the heat and pack your own lunch. If you remember all those helpful hints you will surely enjoy this rare experience with the animals. DS's favorite was the giraffes. DH's favorite was the gorillas. My favorite, the rhinos ... what can I say, they made me feel skinny and svelte!!!

(picture of feeding time with the giraffes by yours truly)


KR said...

LOVE the picture! Saw DH at the grocery store last night and he said you all had a ball...looks fantastic!

Amy Jo said...

I visited this park a few years ago and I loved it! Great shot!

By the way, I got my template at Zoot's Designs. There is a link the in the 'Credits' section of my blog. You should check out her stuff!

Just the Sous Chef said...

Thanks KR, he mentioned that he saw you and that we missed a fantastic pancake b-fast. :( Next time!!!

amy jo - THANKS for stopping by and for the great tip. I will work on that this evening. I just LOVE yours!

kmonkey said...

Hey... Great shot!!! You are growing leaps and bounds in your photography. WTG! That parks looks amazing. Glad you guys had fun!!

Anna said...

There is hardly anything better than animal photography, found you through Picture This--great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Your picture of the girraffes is beautiful! Send me some pictures of my dg(Dear Grandson) and my dd(Dear Daughter) and my dsil (Dear Son In Law) at the Wild Animal Park.

dm (Dear Mom) aka dg (Dear Grammy)

Amy Jo said...

JTSC - I tried searching Zoot's page thru google, and it doesn't seem to be working at all. I was just on it last week, so hopefully it's just a minor tech issue and she hasn't gone out of business! Good luck!

Just the Sous Chef said...

kmonkey - thanks, been working on it! When are you getting your Nikon so you can teach me more on how to use it?! LOL!

anna - yea, the animals are usually more cooperative then my toddler when it comes to pictures. LOL!

DG (dear grammy) - will get some pics over to you ASAP!!! :)

amy jo - thanks for the reply, hopefully it is just a temp. thing! I really want something great like yours!

kmonkey said...

Lol.. you know how much those things cost right? DH is in grad school so probably not for like 6 years! LMAO BUT if you have any hand me downs you are looking to pass on to some one who will love it well. I am you girl ;)

Just the Sous Chef said...

kmonkey ... hand-me-down, LOL!!! DH only agreed to the D80 because I told him I would keep it forever!!! :)