Saturday, June 02, 2007

Lexicon of love

I asked my DH what he was going to do with all his free time after his test? (He typically studied every evening after work and all day on weekends).

His answer in exact order:

1. Clean out the garage
2. Re-paint the entry way & up the stairs
3. Buy flower boxes and plant flowers for our patio

Do I even have to say, "I love this man more and more every day!". I didn't even once ask for any of these but they are all definitely on my "please, honey-do" list!!!

Now of course, I am sure this is after he takes a night off to enjoy a glass of The Bottler's 21 year old scotch and a nice cold Fischer beer .... oh and must not forget his over-indulgence on the box of Sees dark chocolates from the G Family for Good Luck!!! And of course he should, he has earned it.

Life is grand, I am with my life-long partner who I adore.

And to think, The Love Calculator gave us a 68% chance. Want to find out Doctor Love's prediction for your relationship? Click here and please tell the results! It is fun and only takes 3 seconds!

The picture below of my DH and I was taken last weekend at our next door neighbor's wedding, we had a great time.


kmonkey said...

Bet you are are so proud of your handsome husband! I know he has worked very hard and I am sure he did fantastically. Enjoy getting some items checked off that honey-do list. I am so glad to see you putting entrys up again!!!

Just the Sous Chef said...

Thanks kmonkey, I appreciate the encouragement to get back on here! :) And I am already enjoying my "cleaner" garage, noticed I didn't say "clean" but can say "cleanER"! LOL! - TK

joleen said...

You are so sweet! :) I love that you love your family so much!

Just the Sous Chef said...

Oh Joleen, thank you! Hopefully that love will shine through when we have our photo session and not be one of those "Dear Hubby, you are driving me crazy" kinda days, LOL! :)