Saturday, June 02, 2007


My DS's new word this week. This should not be a surprise since DH and I are both "foodies" too! He has decided that he now not only has an opinion about what he wants to eat but that he also wants crackers with every meal.

DS's favorite foods in no particular order:

White rice
Goldfish crackers
Apple sauce
Mexican seasoned chicken

... did I already say, goldfish crackers?! :) I think we need to buy stock in those Pepperidge Farm treats. This opinionated toddler prefers the "Goldfish Colors".

Did you know there is a "Goldfish Central Club" for kids? Check it out. There are games and even "card carrying" privileges. Apparently my son is not the only goldfish junkie. So, is it safe to assume this obsession will carry in to adulthood? I did catch my DH chowing down on a handful the other day.

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