Sunday, June 15, 2008

Beauty Secrets? No more!

It is just fascinating to see DS pick up on everything around him. Not only the things I make it a point to explain to him but also the things he picks up just from observation. For example, the other day he was walking around the house with stickers on his nose. He kept saying, "Mommy, look, stickers on my nose.". I thought this was odd but also thought it was just him being silly (he does have quite a fun silly streak in him!). But later that night when I was doing my night time routine I put a Biore strip on my nose (my pores have seemed so clogged lately, even after my wonderful Epicuren facial recently) and he laughed and said, "Mommy has a sticker on her nose too." Yes, he has seen this before and yes, he is right, it does look like I am putting a sticker on my nose. Yikes, I can't believe my hygeine routines are no longer "beauty secrets" to stay in my own bathroom. This kid is either repeating my words or actions constantly. He has become my parrot. LOL!!!

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