Saturday, June 07, 2008

A lovey day!

DS still loves his lovey. Do you remember? Yes, this one. He needs it when he goes to sleep, when he has a bad fall or just when he needs a good friend (in good times and bad). My sister (who bought DS his "Mr. Brown Bear") also bought DD the pink lamb version. We are hoping she forms the same attachment to her lovey as DS has for his (despite the need to have it, wash it, not lose it, etc. - we still feel the benefits far out weigh the rare annoyances). We have been giving "pink lamb-ie" to her often but she is still too young to really hold it or have an attachment to it. Yesterday at her Dr. visit she was screaming and crying while she was tummy down on the table. DS sat in a near by chair with "Mr. Brown Bear" in his hands staring in discomfort while he watched the Dr. messing with her and making her cry (what that must seem like to a 2 year old watching). He jumped out of the chair where he was watching, grabbed her "pink lamb-ie" from my purse and gave it to her and stood next to her side while the Dr. finished checking her out. Is he the sweetest big brother ever?! It melted my heart. I just hope he always watches out for her like that.

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