Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Grandpa's love

DS is still obsessed with all things with wheels. This includes trains, cars, trucks, tractors, buses, wagons and more! He recently told the sweet ladies at a local gift shop that the key chain with the Mercedes emblem on a display rack was a car (I think they were going to fall over in laughter and their giggles were followed by "only in Orange County would a toddler equate that emblem with a car). Then yesterday he was flipping through DH's New Yorker Magazine (don't ask me why, I think DH gets it just for the witty cartoons) and told me that an advertisement in the magazine was Miss KC's car in black (& he was absolutely correct, same model, same manufacturer, just a different color). I tell you, this kid is obsessed. He is already a "backseat" driver too. He is always telling me to "go faster", "turn around", "pass that car Mommy", and so on.

I think he gets this obsession from his Papa (my Dad). My Dad not only has owned a sports car my entire life, he also collects model cars. I just love that they share this passion. I like to think DS's obsession is inherited from my side of the family but I am not quite sure if a passion like this can actually be inherited or if they just share it, however, if you have ever seen DH's car you would be assured that it certainly didn't come from his side. (LOL!)

Oh, in case you were wondering why he was flipping through the New Yorker Magazine. He likes to "color" the pictures in the magazine. He thinks the black and white cartoons in the magazine are coloring book pages and will color them with his markers. I was thinking to myself, not a bad idea, probably is cheaper then a coloring book. I never understand why coloring books are priced the way they are?!

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