Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mr. Brown Bear; His Baby

Mr. Brown Bear is not just DS's lovey right now, it has also become his "baby".

Recently, I have overheard DS telling Mr. Brown Bear the following:

"time out Brown Bear"

"we are leaving in one minute Brown Bear"

"are you hungry Brown Bear?"

"do you have a poopy diaper, let me get a fresh one Brown Bear"

"be careful, that is dangerous Brown Bear"

"you ready for night-night Brown Bear"

"you want to go to Sea World Brown Bear"

"hello Brown Bear, how are you?"

and one of my favorites ...

"I missed you Brown Bear"

...and best of all, he wraps him up in a blanket and carries him around the house like his baby. I cherish this soft side because in a split second he is out the door and playing rough like a boy! I am sure going to miss this stage.

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