Friday, August 01, 2008

Friday Family Faves (FFF)

Thanks to CD, ever since I heard about being able to professionally print my Blog for a keepsake (don't worry, if you don't already know, I will do a seperate post for all you other bloggers out there) I have been wanting to blog more often. I just can't seem to keep up with their baby books and my journal. So, if all else fails, I will have these ramblings for them. :-)

Keeping with that goal I have decided to devote Fridays to each family member's current faves (which can be anything from fave song, fave food, fave word, fave shoes, etc.).

So, here I go, my attempt at my first FFF (Friday Family Faves):

DS: He actually asks every time we get in the car, "Mommy, play my favorite song.". He is referring to Read My Mind by The Killers (if you link here you can listen, there is a 5 second commercial before the music video starts). I am starting to wonder if my DD will be my R&B, Hip Hop, disco queen like her Mommy because this boy is all Rock and Roll! He even tells me, "louder, turn it up."!

DD: she loves her ever-so-popular and sought-after Sophie La Girafe. As Right Start even says on their site "the famous" Sophie La Girafe. And trust me, I was tempted not to buy it when I saw the price but OMG, yes, she LOVES it and worth the $19.99 plus it sure is fun when we got stopped and asked how we like "the giraffe". As far as newborn toys go, this is the only one that gives the winkle competition for top baby toy.

DH: his birthday present from us, his new Fender American Stratocaster Sunburst Guitar that hasn't even arrived yet because they start production after you order it. He already spends countless hours on-line admiring the pictures, researching amplifiers and talking about it. I just hope he loves it as much when he receives it (in late August) as he does now.

And me: I am loving my new Aqualumiere Chanel lipgloss. It is their new lipgloss and I like the consistency, applicator and color more then the Levres Scintillantes Chanel lipgloss I used to use.
A challenge to my 22 average readers per day (pretty impressive, huh?):
What are your FFF?

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