Thursday, September 04, 2008

Back from the store

Last week I was on my laptop looking for new bedding for DS (we decided to move him into a big boy bed after a successful nap at his Omi and Opa's house) and DS walks up pulling his back-pack on wheels and says in his cute sing-song voice, "Mommy, I am back from the stooooorrre, I bought you something."

"Wow, how nice, what did you get me love bug?"

His reply, "lipgloss and coffee". Does my DS know me or what?! :-)

BTW, I did find adorable bedding to fit the theme we were trying to accomplish in his room per his interersts (transportation theme). But best of all, he is doing WONDERFUL in his big boy bed. Although, I am not too surprised he is sleeping so well in his new bed since Mommy spared no expense on his 440 thread count sheets. They are heavenly!


debra said...

That bedding makes me drool. K would love it! He still doesn't have bedding. Crib sheets and a blankie for my little guy (AS IF I could trade the dino blankie in for any sophisticated substiture... not happening anytime soon)

Mommy Toy said...

Cute Bedding!!! Where did you get it??

Anonymous said...

YEAH... Luther in a big boy bed!!! WOO HOO! Too cute!
xoxo Michelle & boys

Just the Sous Chef said...

D - he still has to sleep with all his blankets from his crib too! LOL
JT - thanks, left you a message! :)
MW - thanks for letting us use your crib all this time! :)