Monday, September 15, 2008

Friday Family Faves (FFF)

Yes, I know it is Monday, but let's just pretend it is Friday! ;-)

DD loves these soft rubber blocks. She can grab them, chew on them (a prerequisite for her toys) and they even make a squeak when you squeeze them. We received these as a gift from a coworker of DH's and they have been a BIG hit. I can also see how she will be able to grow with them since DS enjoys stacking them and pointing out the different letters and animals.

This is now on my gift-giving list for all new Mom's along with a plastic basket full of fruit & vegetables that DD played with (while wearing her Sparky the Sun Devil outfit) for over an hour at The C's house during the USC game. The simple things they enjoy, she was as happy as can be and she didn't even know that USC won!

Happy Monday!

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