Thursday, September 04, 2008

What's your sign?

We finally entered modern day technology when we moved here and purchased a DVR to go along with our generous house warming gift from the in-laws (a wonderful 42 inch flat screen television).

I remember, back in the day people used to ask, "what's your sign" with the intent of getting to learn a little bit about the person. In today's times I think "what's on your DVR (TiVo, etc.)" is more telling of a person now.

So you ask (or so you didn't, LOL), what's on our DVR?

TLC's What not to Wear and Jon & Kate plus Eight and Say Yes to the Dress

Bravo's Flipping Out and Project Runway. (BTW, as Jeff Lewis promised on Flipping Outs reunion, Zoila's picture is for sale and you can bid HERE!)

I did have MTV's Legally Blond Search until I completed the season and currently have the movie Mystic Pizza (an all-time fave that DH mentioned he hasn't seen yet).

And for DS, Super Why, Cars and Happy Feet. DH has several Nova shows and an occasional sporting event.

And FYI for all the old schoolers: Aquarius, Pisces, Leo and Cancer - that would be DS, DD, DH and I. :-)

So, what's on your DVR?


KR said...

Love the new look! I just finished the entire first and second seasons of Jon and Kate Plus 8 too...can you even imagine????

debra said...

We dont even have a DVR. Can you believe it? We have the TV package with 20 channels and the only channel K is allowed to watch is PBS so we have to get up before 8 so we can watch Superwhy! K gets up at 6:30 though so he never misses is fave show! Love the new layout!

Mommy Toy said...

I personally couldn't live without my DVR. I tape everything and then watch it later so I don't have to watch commercials. Right now there is Blues Clues, The Wiggles, Raising the Bar, Kitchen Nightmares and Family Jewels. But now that the all the new shows are starting for the season it will be packed.

Love the new look!! It's great!!

Just the Sous Chef said...

K - and you can relate more then I can since you have twins?! Crazy huh?
D - that is exactly all we had up until 4 months ago. We don't even know how to use everything yet?! LOL
JT - sounds like us, as much, if not more, kiddie stuff! ;-)

Rafer said...

It is 47 inches.