Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Are you still trying to decide what to do on YOUR day?!

I found this list of suggestions for Mother's Day activities on Mom Agenda's website. I wanted to share:

Breakfast in Bed
Light a Candle
Take a Bath
Go for a Walk
Sleep Late
Read a Good Book
Sit in the Sun
Forget the Housework
Go to the Beach
Plant Flowers
Play with Your Kids


kmonkey said...

Can you drop me a quick email at I cant find your email addy

KR said...

Um, all of the above please?

Just the Sous Chef said...

d -

Glad you got my email and thanks for getting in touch with me good friend! :)

kr -

I agree, I am telling my DH when he asks what I want to do on my day (if he asks, LOL) "all of the above"! :)

-Rene' said...

I told steve i want to get my hair done and get a mani and a pedi and maybe even MORE LOL

he said he will see... so now i am wondering was planing something or just thought he would get away with not doing anything LOL

Just the Sous Chef said...

r -
LOL! Well, you will probably never know which one it was ... but that is okay, at least you know you will get a nice treat now!!! :) I need my hair done too!!!

DM said...

How about Brunch with your in laws? does that sound fun and relazing? LOL

Just the Sous Chef said...

My in-laws ... YES, ... your in-laws, not sure I would use the word relaxing?!?! LOL!!! Remind M that he owes you a really special gift after brunch! -TK