Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The next best thing to making it yourself ...

I think I need more kiddos just to give me an excuse to put them in matching outfits like my Mom did. (I know, I know, not the most hip style but I can't always be "hip"). I have never seen anything more adorable then my Mom's hand-made matching dresses for us 3 girls on every special occasion. Now that I am a mom to one toddler (yes, only one) I can't imagine how she found the time to make all these adorable hand-made clothes for 3 ... but she did. Maybe that is where I get my love for all things hand-made. When I was nesting during my pregnancy I had this wonderful idea that I would hand sew cute baby items (please tell me I am not the only one in their 3rd Trimester who had visions of being the perfect home-maker and baking breads, sewing clothes and making my own jam ... not sure who that person was?!). I spent hours looking at fun new fabrics, choosing special ribbons and buying a new designer pin cushion. I had DH bring up my sewing machine from the garage, I dusted it off, and completed about 10 hand-made burp cloths before the nesting phase ended. They are adorable but I haven't made anything since. In fact, the sewing maching is now back in the garage collecting dust and I am spending unnecessary money on hemming my DH's new pants.

I still absolutely adore hand-made items. They are my most treasured gifts. Since I haven't been able to find the time to hand sew my own items (really mom, how did you do it?) I was really excited to stumble upon this site that sells only hand-made items. I haven't had the time to browse all the categories yet but I did browse the "children" category immediately. There are so many cute items I can't even begin to tell you about all of them, you must check them out yourself.

I think I can now manage to find the time to give home-made items to my girlfriends, thanks to www.etsy.com. For all you Ebay lovers, you must check it out, it is just like Ebay but home-made items only. (I also think it also gave me inspiration to once again dust of that ol' sewing machine of mine!).

PS I couldn't resist adding the picture of the sock monkey bib and burp cloth set (picture above) from The Rocking Pony's site on Etsy. I am not sure what it is about the sock monkey that I adore so much but he always seems to make me smile.


-Rene' said...

I know what you mean about wanting to make and sew things. I made SO buy me a sewing machine before hunter started walking and i have not even pulled it out once sense he was 8mo's.

I wanted to make so much, and know i am lucky if i get the normal house work done

I dont know how being a SAHM i never seem to get anything done, maybe i am to busy playing with toys LOL

Just the Sous Chef said...

R - I know, isn't it crazy how fast the day goes by when you have a Toddler?!

DM said...

All this cute stuff! Maybe I should have baby number 3

Lora said...

I totally can't sew, but I had the same visions. My mom has a sewing machine, so I kept thinking about it. Luckily, 10 months wasn't enough time to learn to sew and then actually make something or poor Lily would be walking around in some horrendous creations :)

BTW - Sockmonkeys make me smile too!