Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Too late but worth the wait

I recently took DS to the beautiful Flower Fields in Carlsbad, CA. It is a 50 acre display of brightly colored Ranunculus. I enjoyed the view from the top of the hill the best. From the top, you can see the hillside of Ranunculus, the rose garden below and the Pacific Ocean. It was a gorgeous day. I think DS mostly enjoyed playing in the water (mining for gems), the tractor ride and running around with the adorable R twins at the playground. A Mommy friend took her slightly older kiddos and said they loved the "Stamp card"/scavenger hunt the best.

The Flower Fields are only open 6 weeks each year. Unfortunately, I posted too late for you to take advantage of it this year but you definitely need to mark your calendar for this time next year.

Since our kiddos are only 15 months and still napping twice a day we weren't able to take advantage of the wonderful Carlsbad Outlet Mall that is right next door. (But we were able to have a quick lunch there with the kiddos and there are many quick serve places to choose from). Next time, I would like to make an entire day of it and after visiting The Flower Fields browse the wonderful outlet stores they have, such as, Coach, Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren, Barney's and more!!! (Yes, I know, many of you are in shock that I didn't go shopping?!)

This is something I am putting on the calendar for an Annual event. The flowers are spectacular and the view is exactly what you think Southern California should look like.

Why so many flowers? Their goal is to harvest over 6 million bulbs. You will find their bulbs for sale in most flower and gardening stores all across the country. While in bloom (Springtime) they open it up to public.

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KR said...

I hadn't had time to tell you yet but we R's headed back to Carlsbad JUST for the shopping yesterday and we will certainly have to incorporate that into our trip next year!