Sunday, April 29, 2007

Bubbley springtime fun!

I found the perfect solution to my inability to blow bubbles ... DS's GM (Godmother) gave him the Billions Bubble maker with Turbo Bubble Technology for Easter. It works great. He had a blast running after all the bubbles. The only drawback is that you need a lot of Bubble Solution. I used an entire small sized bottle in an hour of play time. It was well worth it. DS loved it and I didn't have to struggle to blow multiple bubbles.


kmonkey said...

HAHA... I cant believe you are a bad bubble blower. That makes me laugh. That machine looks fun though!!!! I think I will try something like that after we get the fence up. As it is I just have to chase Kolt EVERYWHERE

Just the Sous Chef said...

Hey D-

Are you making fun of me or laughing with me?! LOL! It is fun and keeps your hands free to snap pics while he is busy with the bubbles!!! You better get that fence up before summer time. That active boy is going to want to be outside regardless of being afraid of grass. LOL!!!

-Rene' said...

I have been thinking of getting Hunter something like that, Does it work really good? He loves bubbles!

the pics are as cute as always,