Monday, April 09, 2007

What could be better then a scoop of Ice Cream?

Getting it for FREE!!!

I absolutely adore Ice Cream. It is by far my favorite dessert. I got this Great Tip from a Mommy friend and I just had to share ....

GET A FREE ICE CREAM CONE from the guy's that made "Chunky Monkey"& "Phish Food" sinfully good. The one and only "Jerry Garcia" fan's Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream.

Get your FREE cone at participating Ben & Jerry's stores on Tuesday, April 17, 2007 from noon to 8pm. Click here to find participating locations and more information.

By the way, are you a Chunk Spelunker? My DH definitely is. I now get my own pint after suffering through too many "chunk-free" bites of Ice Cream. No more sharing with my Chunk Spelunker Hubby. Click here if you are not sure what a Chunk Spelunker is.


Christy said...

The closest place to us is 9 miles away:( That's a long way to drive for a free ice cream cone, but I may do it out of bordem!

KR said...

Oh please please don't tell us about these things!!!!!