Monday, April 09, 2007

Instead of your legs ...

As I was getting dressed this morning I had to use my nylon stockings once again and wondered for the first time today ... does everyone know about this trick? Just in case you don't I decided to post about it today.

If you are like me no matter how hard you try to avoid it you still get ugly white deodorant streaks on your shirts/dresses when getting dressed. A sorority sister KP (back in college days known as KS) told me aboutt this garment-saving trick: get an old nylon stocking (okay, you might not wear nylon stockings any more but you must have an old pair stuffed some where in your underwear drawer?!), cut it into a medium size strip, I tie mine also into a knot and use that to scrub away deodorant from your clothes. It works like a charm. I have never found anything that works better! I even travel with my tattered nylon stocking strips.

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