Friday, April 13, 2007

Time to go some where now that Spring Break is over!

Besides the usual Playdates, Park days, long walks and meeting friends for lunch we were able to squeeze in two fun activities despite the crowds. We are looking forward to going back to each of these venues soon since it was too crowded for us to fully enjoy. After this week I have learned to stay away from these type of venues on school holidays until my curious son learns to watch where he is going instead of only having his eye on his destination (or his cracker!).

First one is the Orange County Zoo located in Irvine Regional Park. I was shocked to find bears, deers, blad eagles and more at a Park that is FREE for kids under 3 and only $2 for those over 3 years old (including adults). Irvine Regional Park is surrounded by beautiful large Oak and Sycamore trees, has picnic tables every where and many parks for the kids to play at. 7 days a week they also run a train through the Park and on the weekends they have Pony rides. DS's Nina (Godmother) and cousin took him there. He actually really enjoyed the animals but I think his favorite part was running after his cousin MA and trying to copy her jumping and stomping. He was in hysterics.

The second activity was Bubblefest at the Discovery Center. It was so busy that we were unable to attend the original showing at 11am and instead attended the 1pm showing which is right at nap time. He seemed to enjoy it but only lasted 15 mintues into the 45 minute show before he was rubbing his eyes and yawning. The older kids looked very interested in watching all the different bubble tricks by famous bubble artisit and Guiness Book record holder, Fan Yang. Of course I was in awe too as DH likes to remind me often that I don't even know how to blow simple bubbles correctly. In fact, little girls at the Park will ask if they can help me when I am trying to unsuccessfully blow them for DS at the Park. Okay, back on subject, before the 1pm showing of Bubblefest we did get to fully enjoy the Discovery Center. Once again his favorite exhibits were Elmo's Body Exhibit (still in Orange County until April 29th, check out other dates and locations here) and DinoQuest located outside. Older kids that are able to stand still for 2 minutes (unlike my DS) can have their picture taken inside a large bubble located inside the Discovery Center (Mommy friends K & H had one taken of their son's). It looks very cool.


kmonkey said...

Sounds like he had a blast! I want to see the bubble guy. he was on Live with Regis and Kelly during the cutest kids contest and I thought he was WAY COOL!

KR said...

Love the new look!

Just the Sous Chef said...

Thank you KR - I am still trying to figure out how to get this look but with pink and brown accents! :)

Anonymous said...

We did the science musem and the bubble fest and our 14 yr old girl loved it as much as the 5 year old.
I highly recommend it.