Sunday, April 29, 2007

Would you like to entertain but with out the hassle of cleaning before and after guests?

I don't think there is anything more intimate then dining with friends at a home versus a hotel, conference room or restaurant. It is one of the reasons I did not want to have our wedding celebration in a hotel ballroom. We decided on the private Pacific Club in Newport Beach, CA (not a home but a private dinner club and the closest we could get to accommodating 135 guests with a dining room ambiance). It was perfect. My entire Wedding Day was perfect. Oops got side tracked! I actually wanted to share a new concept my great friend KC shared with me (she recently attended a "surprise" wedding at the Palm Springs, CA location). The concept is being able to stay and entertain at luxurious private homes with all the services of a luxury 5-star hotel.

At Time and Place Homes
you can rent private luxurious homes with full service amenities. They are located all over the world from Kauai, Hawaii to Paris, France. Check out the locations here. I think this is a fairly new concept but it seems that other companies are doing the same thing.

Now for those of you that like to take entertaining and dining to new heights (yes, pun intended) you need to check out Dinner in the Sky. I got butterflies just looking at it.

Okay, none of these options are in our budget so if you are asked to a dinner party from us soon don't expect to be dining pool side or in the sky. Our townhome may not be as luxurious, big or exciting but I promise you won't complain if we serve my DH's wonderful BBQ pork, mmmmmmmmmmm!!!

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